A Premier Provider for The Damon® System, Burkhardt Pecora Orthodontics is pleased to offer Damon self ligating brackets as a treatment option. Self ligating brackets reduce the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth by using a door to secure the archwire to the bracket. The teeth are able to move more freely by reducing the amount of friction between the archwire and the brackets. Patients have reduced treatment time and greater comfort.

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Damon® Clear Brackets

Clear Brackets

Looking for the long term benefits of orthodontic treatment without the appearance of metal braces? The Damon® Clear bracket system allows patients the benefits of traditional orthodontics without the traditional metal bracket look. Damon® Clear brackets are discreet and efficient while employing the advanced Damon® technology.

We are pleased to offer the latest in treatment technology with the Insignia® custom orthodontic system. Insignia® custom braces achieve a beautiful result in less time and fewer office visits then traditional braces.

With this custom system, Dr. Pecora, Dr. Bloomberg, and Dr. Burkhardt utilize an interactive software system to analyze the most efficient and effective way to give each patient the result they desire. By first providing each case with a 3D virtual model, Insignia® can then fabricate custom braces to achieve each patient’s ideal result.

Custom brackets and arch wires are fabricated according to the treatment plan designed by Dr. Pecora, Dr. Bloomberg, and Dr. Burkhardt and assures predictable results before the patient even begins treatment.

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